We are a production company formed by a group of talented people, and our purpose is to turn your ideas into incredible productions. As an octopus we do not stand in a single corner of the reef, we like to explore different areas. We have the ability to solve problems and adapt to any production phase. 

Each of our tentacles represent different work areas: illustration, animation, locution, sound design, audiovisual production, etc. And with the almost alien ease, characteristic of octopuses, we are able to make an entire encyclopedia of audiovisual languages, from the simplest productions, to fantasies from another planet. 


General Manager

Partner and founder of Pulpo Escafandra. Music producer, composer, guitarist, singer, jingle maker and voiceover talent. He has an outstanding career in the advertising world, in the production of original music for cinema, radio and television commercials and as the institutional voice of important brands such as Banamex, Burger King, Mercedes Benz, Cloralex, Cinemex, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Spring Air, State of California, Sea World, among others. He has attended to several publicity events as a jury and has also received international recognition by El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Wave, El Círculo Creativo and prestigious Cannes, winning a Bronze Lion in Canne for the locution and musical production for a Paralice campaign, among others. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he has his own music production and composition studio, dedicated to artist development and the creation of original music for radio, television and cinema.

Production Manager

Audio producer and engineer. Graduated in Digital Music Production Engineering from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, and Master’s Degree in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh Napier in Scotland. She has also done several courses about game audio implementation using software such as Wwise, Unreal, Unity and Fmod at the School of Video Game Audio. She has participated in the development and production of audio and/or video projects such as video games, commercials, animatics, narromatics, radio, cinema and television in Mexico, Chile, Australia, Greece and the United States.


Communication and Digital Media student, passionate about visual and graphic arts and advertising innovation. He has participated in short film projects, taking charge of film direction at the Lince Short Film Festival. He is passionate about creating final products with a great sense of modernity and creativity. He has experience in creating videos, 3D effects and currently specializing in production, audiovisual editing, quality control and project management.

Illustrator and Animator

Professional digital artist from Mexico City. With a degree in Digital Animation and Art from Tecnológico de Monterrey and a diploma in Character’s Digital Animation from the Vancouver Film School; his work focuses on visual development, narrative, 3D modeling and animation. He has worked in several campaigns throughout his career, allowing him to explore different ways of telling stories in a visual way through video games, projection mapping, interactive installations, cartoons, advertising, movies and mobile apps.

Illustrator and Animator

Graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey with a degree in Animation and Digital Art. His strength is as a Producer and Technical Artist, he has been certified by various institutions in Mexico and abroad. He is enthusiastic about learning all about the processes and techniques of animation production. His projects have received multiple awards, highlighting the series “Mi P Familia” and the minute film “La Presa”. His collaboration in advertising with brands such as Bimbo, Apple, P & G, Bayer and Nestlé.


Illustrator and self-taught conceptual artist. He studied Architecture at UNAM, worked on several comic projects, 3 of them published, video games, commercials, animatics and a large number of illustrations for book covers in Mexico and Germany. He participated in the development of a video game launched for Egypt and attended the Massive Black Workshop co-produced by RIOT Games, where he trained in illustration with internationally renowned illustrators such as Marko Djurdjevic, Jason Chan and Dave Rapoza. He is currently the Art Director at an animated film.


Director and producer born and raised in Mexico City. He has worked on various projects for brands such as Telmex, Grupo Chespirito, KLM Airlines, TORK and Televisa Consumer Products. His passion for audiovisual content has given him the opportunity to create a versatile and dynamic portfolio which adopts the aesthetic according to the communication objectives of the brands, always thinking of achieving the best visual impact in each frame of his videos.


Producer, graduated from Universidad Anáhuac México Norte with a degree in International Business with a specialty in Finance, she has carried out projects with recognized brands such as Saba, TENA, Mezcales CA, Grupo Posadas, among others. She considers herself to be a neat person who is passionate about audiovisual arts. Her goal is always to make things happen through teamwork and thus achieve unique pieces with a great visual impact.


Graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey with a degree in Animation and Digital Art. Her specialty is digital and traditional illustration and she has a certification in Motion Graphics and a course in production folders for animated series. She has developed intellectual property bibles that have been finalists in Cartoon Network’s Pitch Me call, their most notable work being the animation bible “Lucky go”.